The brewery is back

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Outspoken Brewpub is excited to open its doors once again after significant renovations and a comprehensive rebranding. Now under new ownership, we’re back with a renewed energy and commitment to the craft beer community. Our brewery has been updated to enhance your experience, with both the space and our beer selection receiving a facelift. We’re pouring our beloved classics as well as innovative new brews, ensuring that every visit to Outspoken is both familiar and full of discovery. So, we invite our loyal patrons and newcomers to join us in celebrating this fresh chapter. Come in, grab a pint, and see what’s brewing at the new Outspoken!

Cans are coming back

Initially, our focus at Outspoken Brewpub will be on serving a variety of draft beers, providing a freshly tapped experience for visitors to our taproom. We want to reignite the community’s passion for craft beer by concentrating on what comes straight from the keg — the purest way to enjoy our carefully crafted ales and lagers. Rest assured, plans are already in motion to introduce our lineup in cans, allowing you to take a piece of the Outspoken experience home with you. Keep an eye out, because in the near future, you’ll be able to savor our Space Station IPA, Goulais Lager, and other favorites from the comfort of your own space.

As Outspoken Brewpub embarks on a new chapter, we take a moment to honor the legacy of our founder, whose vision and dedication laid the foundation for the unique establishment we cherish today. Their departure marks not an end, but a continuation of the spirit they instilled in the brewpub—a spirit of innovation, community, and a deep love for craft beer. Under their guidance, Outspoken became a beloved local landmark and a beacon for beer aficionados. As they pass the torch to new hands, we remain committed to preserving the essence of what they built while steering the brewpub toward a future filled with exciting possibilities. Their imprint on the brewery is indelible, and we raise our glasses in gratitude for the trails blazed and the paths yet to be explored.

Looking to the horizon, Outspoken Brewpub has ambitious expansion goals that extend beyond the taproom and canning. Our vision includes broadening our distribution to include local stores and restaurants, bringing Outspoken’s unique craft beer experience to a wider audience. We’re also exploring opportunities for community events, beer festivals, and collaborations with other local businesses to reinforce our ties with the community and introduce more people to our passion for great beer. Our journey is just beginning, and we’re dedicated to growing alongside our customers, our community, and the craft beer industry.