Who doesn't like a snack with their beer?

You will be set for backyard chillin' when you're sipping a cold OutSpoken brew and snacking on chips and salsa made locally by, Sidewinder Salsa Co.

The first limited batch of salsa is "The Wild Willy"
This salsa features, fire roasted tomatoes and jalapenos, wild St. Joe Island leeks, cilantro, spring onions, garlic, smoked paprika, ground chipotle, fresh lime and pink himalyan salt. How hot is it you ask? As seen on the label, "You got this, it'll only hurt a bit". 

*Chips and salsa can be added to any order for pick up or delivery

*This combo features a 500ml jar of salsa and bag of tortilla chips 

*Store in a cool dry place


Chips n' Salsa