The newest rabbit to join the OutSpoken roster is “White Rabbit”, a smokey IPA. Loosely based off of Rabbit’s Foot, White Rabbit features a unique malt and hop profile. It is dry hopped using three different hop varieties; Cluster, Cascade and Mosaic. This leads to a piney, earthy flavour with a light berry finish. Pilsner Malt provides this brew with a light biscuity cereal flavour and an effervescent mouthfeel, while the Roasted and Smoked Malts add smokiness and depth. 

As its name implies, there is a smokey flavour throughout the beer. Not too much, but just enough to enice the senses. The hop profile is very inviting, a toned down version of its counterpart Rabbit’s Foot. Overall, White Rabbit is a refreshing unique style of beer that would pair perfectly next to a crackling winter fire.

White Rabbit Smokey IPA